The Bio

Tra​​vlon Johnson, pronounced (Trae -vlon), has been inspired by some of New Orleans greatest of all time rap artists. Those who brought a combination of bounce and club music mainstream, like Juvenile, early Cash Money and Soulja Slim. As a young boy from Plaquemines, LA these artists were essential in opening Travlon's mind to bigger possibilities, and a way out of the streets.

His ambition for success started at the age of 12, when he first began rhyming in front of his five, hold-nothing-back, opiniated brothers. Travlon's lyrical ability and effortless flow couldn't deny his emerging talent. His oldest brother took notice and began distributing CDs on the street's and in the clubs to club owners and DJs, creating a local buzz and getting him his first gig by the age of 16.    

With each performance, Travlon or "Youngster" as he was known then, developed a stronger stage presence. His rhymes tighter. So many phans came up to him after his shows and said, "Man, you murdered that track....what's your name?" He heard this so often, that Youngster no longer fit, and Murder was born.
Since then, Murder has opened for artists such as LEVEL, Kevin Gates and Young Ready. His unapologetic rhymes and effortless delivery got him the attention of his current manager, Lakaisha Hunter. His street swagger and unique flow can be credited to sound advice from the iconic Soulja Slim, "you get your own style, but you gotta be original."

Murder is a songwriter, singer and rapper. A triple threat that will be a dominant leader in the music industry, and the most recent addition to our Phreedom Records phamily.