Lucki Lew

The Bio

At the age of 11, Mark Lewis dreamed of being a world reknowned rapper. And every beat made, every rhyme written, every late night in the studio has been his way in conquering that dream.
When you're that young, you don't know your style or sound. Your only goal was to be heard. There was no manager financing your way. There was no CD release party. What you had was a couple of friends, 2 casette tapes, and 2 portable stereos. One for playing the music and a second to record the music while you rhymed. Mark came up with the name Young Lew and began passing out tapes and eventually CDs, starting his following. It got him gigs at age 16, performing for crowds at the Airline Skating Rink, where he overcame his stage fright and helped define his stage presence.
Not long after, Katrina devasted New Orleans and the surrounding cities. But the storm impacted Young Lew in positive way. Throughout the struggle of displacement and relocation to Baton Rouge, Young Lew found his voice. He began making music that spoke of the "hard times, I done been through the struggle." Combining his southern style sound from Kenner and New Orleans with the jig style of Baton Rouge. His following continued to grow and change with him. He was no longer Young Lew, but Lucki Lew.
Eventually Lucki Lew made his way back home to Kenner, LA where he brought with him confidence and a new sound. His passion came through his rhymes. His words were reflecting what he was going through, and that connected with his fans who may have been feeling the same way. Solid lyrical skills, combined with his energy and infectious, enthusiastic performances continue to make him a success.
Phreedom Records owner, COBaby, recognized his talent while networking during one of Lew's shows. The combination of their efforts have only increased their worth, as an artist and a label.

Since signing with Phreedom Records in 2015, Lucki Lew has opened or collaborated with artists such as ZRo, Jacquees, LEVEL, Scarface, Kangol Slim, Juvenile, Colonel Loud, Kevin Gates, and Jay Jones of 0017th, to name a few. He's become a dominant, inventive rap artist who can drop a bangin' club track like "Hot Spot" or flip it and give his phans "Keisha," a smooth remake and tribute to the Hot Boyz "Keisha."

His local success has expanded to include cities between Savannagh, GA to the ATL to Houston, TX. Major accomplishments are in the works for Lucki Lew, and we know he'll deliver...for his phans, his phamily, and Phreedom Records.