​Butta B

The Bio

  ​ When a rap artist is as emotionally explosive at crafting hooks and can blend in a bit of his comedic character thoughout his songs, you undoubtedly can place Aaron Anderson, aka Butta Bezzy, in a talent bracket all on his own.

Aaron was born and raised in the 13th Ward of New Orleans.  Most of his youth was spent living with his grandma and eventually attending Alcee Fortier High School, where he played football to stay out of the streets.  The team was his first family. They gave him the name Butter Ball, which  he took the ribbing in stride and ultimately turned the nickname into Butta Bezzy. If you ask him how he feels about his name now he'll tell you with a sly grin, "the ladies love it!"

But football was never his passion.

Butta Bezzy spent most of his time developing his rhymes and perfecting his masterful hooks in his home, where only his grandma and the four walls could hear his stories. He didn't know if he had what it took to go public with his songs. Until, at the age of 22, an opportunity arose with his former label that thrust him onto the stage. Butta Bezzy found that he had a real gift for creating catchy hooks and a talent for performing in front of crowds.

Unsure of the direction his career was going, Butta Bezzy was determined to grab the attention of CO'Baby at an open mic in Kenner, where a Phreedom Records artist was scheduled to perform as well. From then on, every open mic, every talent contest, Butta Bezzy would spend his down time with Phreedom Records.  CO'Baby recognized his perseverance, witnessed Butta's raw talent and signed him to Phreedom shortly after.

His singles, "All My Life" and "All On You" have creatively combined his raw and gritty sound, with lyrics heavy on sex, twisted with his comedic  take on hood life and relationships. 

Sky's the limit with Butta's creativity and ability to produce fire hooks.  And Phreedom Records is proud to add rap artist, Butta Bezzy to our Phamily.